About Us

For a time now, my brother and I have had a tendency to create games whenever we are bored - just by talking, writing ideas in my sketchbook, or making prototypes with parts from other games and sheets of paper or cardboard. In the summer of 2019, when I was 11 and he was 9, our parents encouraged us to create something more final from our ideas. We cobbled together prototypes, and Mama Goblin Games was born. We spent our summer break working and playtesting Slime Inc to take it from using Pandemic cubes on a paper board to a fairly finalized model with an official set of instructions, professionally printed board, and balanced gameplay. Since then, we have worked to build more games and get some of our games onto shelves.

Even before we really started designing board games, we had been programming with our dad. We quickly took the code into our own hands, and have since created many, mostly simple, games on Scratch, GameMaker Studio 2, Unity, Unreal Engine, and Eclipse. Most of the games are not out for the public, but we hope to get more onto this website soon.

Our Games


Hide and seek in the coral reef.

One shark and up to five fish play a game of hide and seek in the coral reef. The shark tries to memorize the pattern of corals then closes their eyes. Each fish then places their token under a coral and replaces it with a similar, but not identical coral. Choose your camouflage wisely, because if the shark notices, you'll be lunch. Will the shark be more likely to notice a change in color or a change in the type of coral?

Camouflage is a board game that uses color memory, pattern matching, and your ability to blend in. Accessible and enjoyable by all ages.


It's not a bug. A puzzle platformer about messing up code.

In this puzzle platformer, you'll jump your way through levels, messing with the code of the game to create bugs features that allow you to make it to the end of the level. Slamming on parts of the code that are exposed through the protective mesh allow you to change the code of the game itself.

This game was created during the 2021 GitHub Game Off as an interpretation of this years theme: Bug! This was a family effort between father and sons (12 and 14) where the kids did most of the work and the father played a supporting role in our first game jam. After the game jam is over, we'll add way more levels and new pieces of code to manipulate to create more bugs features.

Update: we placed in the top 15 of 527 for theme interpretation, innovation, and gameplay! And we placed 43 overall! A fun first game jam.

Slime Inc.

Co-op board game.

It's a race between Slime Wool Co. and slymr.com to collect the most Slimes. Play as the slime tamer, construction worker, messenger, or workaholic to grab the elusive Slimes and lead your company to victory. Collect power-ups to steal your opponent's Slimes, destroy their shipping stations, make them drop all their Slimes, or even teleport!