Slime Inc.

a board game by Mama Goblin Games

Slime Inc. is a 2 or 4 player game where you and your opponents work for Slime Wool Co. and, the two largest manufacturers of Slime Wool (a highly profitable material made exclusively from bizarre little creatures called Slimes). Play as the slime tamer, construction worker, messenger, or workaholic and rush to grab the elusive Slimes and ship them to your company's warehouses as fast as you can. When enough Slimes of a single type get together, they merge to form a power-up Slime. Collect power-up Slimes to do whatever it takes to make sure your corporation beats the competition: steal other Slimes, destroy your opponent's shipping stations, make your opponent drop all their Slimes, or even teleport! In this Pandemic™ meets Bomberman™ free-for-all, you'll have the most fun you've ever had at work.

We were at MakerX Columbus on Saturday, Feb 29, 2020!

We were accepted as an exhibitor for MakerX: The Columbus Maker Expo to show our game! We had a booth for attendees to come play our family's first official board game and hear all the things we've learned about creating a board game. Our booth also included a "create our own board game" and "create your own character" station.

Visit or the MakerX Facebook Event for more about this annual event.

More about the game

From concept to reality...

original concept

It all started with a sketch and a few spare dice and plastic game cubes.

hand-made prototype

After many iterations of refining the gameplay, we designed the board, player boards, instructions, and custom dice and tiles. All the boards were put together by hand.

professional print

After finalizing the gameplay and design, we got a single copy printed by Print & Play Games.

Meet the Employees of Slime Wool Co. and


A master of logistics. For two actions, this employee can ship one Slime from her bag to her warehouse or coworker's bag from anywhere on the board.

Construction Worker

Can he fix it? Well... for two actions, this employee can build, repair, or destroy a shipping station at his current location.To build a station, put the station tile in his location. There can only be one extra station, so if you build a second one, the other goes away. He can repair shipping stations for either corporation.


Sleep is for the weak. This employee can pick up, drop, throw, or ship 2 slimes per action. When picking up, he can pick up from two separate spaces at once (as long as they are in adjacent spaces to him).

Slime Tamer

Slimes love this employee. Once they are in the same space as her, they will follow her wherever she goes and won't move during the Slimes move phase. To make it easier to move around, take these Slimes and place them near your employee board. They are not in your bag, so other employees can pick up Slimes that are currently tamed by you.

Check out the full instructions manual

Slime Inc. Instructions.pdf